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Hi, I'm Kat.

I feel passionate about supporting others in their healing journey.

I believe my purpose in life is helping others find a path in the midst of pain and suffering. I am a true believer that the power of the body can help in the healing process. Whenever possible, I bring in ways to release trauma, tension and stress by using somatic (body) techniques, mindfulness, breathwork and EMDR. 


My specialty is working with clients who suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, life transitions, LGBTQIA+ and trauma (including C-PTSD and childhood sexual abuse). I also enjoy helping couples work through difficult times and learning tools to come together as a team and build opportunities for growth, love, and compassion. 


It is an honor and a privilege to hold space for others, to witness growth, curiosity, and acceptance, and to help navigate life’s roller coaster journey. My hope is to help you unlearn and release what is no longer serving you to allow room for living a satisfying and enjoyable life. 

Loving the Great Outdoors!

I grew up in south Florida and moved to CO in ’93. I can’t seem to get enough of the great outdoors. Along with the beautiful mountain peaks, yoga is very near and dear to me. So much so, I’ve been practicing and teaching for over 15 years!


Another big passion of mine is music. I love it so much that I spend many evenings at Red Rocks Amphitheater working there part-time when I’m not seeing clients. Most importantly, my favorite thing is being a mama, loving on my animals and spending time with my partner.

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